Wall Upgrades

An upgraded wall offers you the ultimate spray wall experience, from the amazing aestetics, to the intuitive interface and combined with additional features!

Below we will briefly show you what a Wall Upgrade looks like and what kind of features it enables.

Outlined Holds

Every single climbing hold on your wall will be outlined by our experienced staff to ensure the best possible quality!


Volumes will get their seperate outlines which result in dotted lines. This allows you to select a volume without enabling the climbing holds on the volume. This method will also be used when one hold is on top of another.


You can add rules like "no match", "zone", "top", "right hand" etc. to every single hold, which allows for a much richer setting experience.


On symmetrical walls, our team links every hold to its mirrored counter part to enable climbs on symmetrical walls to be mirrored. This is a must have feature for every symmetrical spray wall!

No Overlaps

When setting problems, sometimes outlines might overlap. In this case, instead of seeing overlaping lines, the overlapping areas will disappear, which results in no obstruction of the selected holds.