Retro Flash for Coaches

Here we will go through the main features of Retro Flash that will help climbing coaches to engage their athletes.

Set Competition Boulders

You can specify rules for upgraded holds like: "Zone", "Top", "Right Hand" and so on. This way you can force a specific beta. Thanks to the "Top" and "Zone" tag, you can also easily set competition boulders.

Set Circuits

You can set circuits by adding numbers to Middle(Blue) holds. That way, you can provide your athletes with a warm up or training routine that is easy to share and understand.

Comp Simulations

Using Folders, you can set competition boulders in private and share them all at the same time with your athletes. This gives you a powerful tool for Comp Simulations. 

Private Walls

Spray Walls can be uploaded as private. This allows the wall to only be visible to the athletes in the walls private group

Follow Athletes

Follow your athletes to stay up to date on the climbs they send. You will see their recent sends on your feed and view their beta videos.