Retro Flash for Home Walls

Here we will go though the main features of Retro Flash that help you to train on your home walls.

Upload and Reset easily

You can upload your Home Walls from your profiles home walls section. Resetting is just a matter of uploading a new picture. 

Set Boulders and Circuits

Retro Flash offers the most intuitive and best looking setting experience for spray walls. You can not only set boulders, but also circuits. Simply tap the blue circle when setting a climb, to add numbers to Middle(Blue) holds. 

Community Walls

Share your home walls with your household and the community. All members can simply visit your profile and add your walls to their favorites by taping the hearts. Your walls will then be easily accessible from the Projects/Walls/Folders page.

You will have to save walls you want to share as public, or add a private group.

Take a Note

You can take private notes under every boulder. This gives you a flexible tool to use for training.

Set by Friends

You can share your profile with your friends in social media, so they can set on your wall! They will get notified if you give their climbs a heart, which lets them know you loved it!

Add Holds to a Wall

You can upload a new picture for a Wall with added holds but keep all the old climbs with the old picture. Simply go to the Walls editing page and choose 'Add Holds' instead of 'Reset Wall'.