Retro Flash for Climbers

Here we will go through the main features that will be interesting for any climber on Retro Flash.

Set Climbs

You have full flexibility to set climbs on Spray Walls. Either choose to set with Free Feet, or force beta by even defining specific Rules for individual holds, like "no match" or "no foot".

Log Sends

Log sends to show the community which climbs you sent. You can edit sends anytime to add a beta video after logging it.

Find Beta

Everyone can easily add beta videos to sends. If you see a play button in a send, just tap it to open the beta video. You can give fist bumps to sends, to show your support! 

Follow Friends

Follow friends to stay up to date on their latest sends and boulders. You can also view the lastest popular sends and boulders.

Project Together

See who has the same project as you, so you can project together. Add projects by simply pressing the "Proj." button.