Retro Flash for Climbing Gyms

Here we will go though the main features of Retro Flash, that will help climbing gyms to offer new experiences to their customers.

Easy to find

Sign up your gym, so your customers can find you easily. Every gym page contains a locations, which helps your customers to navigate to your gym using navigation apps.

Upload and Reset Walls

You can upload and reset walls quickly and without any waiting period. Your customers will be able to set climbs on your walls immediately.

Set Climbs for your Customers

You can choose a Setter Team Name, which will be shown to customers, when they climb a boulder that was set by the setter team.

Easy to use

We designed Retro Flash to be easy to use, so that all your customers can climb on your spray wall. A short introduction explains all important details.

Competitions and Events

Using folders, you can prepare a number of climbs that will be invisible for the customers. You can then share the Folder with your customers using a direct link or a QR-Code, at a given time.

This allows you to have small events on your spray wall to engage your customers. 

Tablet App: Retro Tablet

We provide a tablet app that you can set up to only show the walls on your gym. That way, your customers don't have to download and sign in on Retro Flash on their personal devices to climb on your spray wall and see the boulders set by the community.